By Pamela Sanders

Energy Healer

The blue dragonfly symbolizes transformation. The dragonfly can move in so many directions and so quickly, like our spirit's potential to move in different directions seen and unseen.  


One can open many doors. If we listen, spirit will walk us though the one door that transfoms.

Like the dragonfly, together with spirit, we can move past self-created illusions to the truth of who we are.

It is my honor to lead you into your own transformation toward a truer understanding and love for yourself, like the dragonfly darting over the water, sunlight on its blue wings - free and easy.

Experience a unique blend of healing energy

  • As a Reiki Master, I am experienced in working with individual energy fields to produce feelings of deep peace, relaxation, security and well-being throughout. I often work with crystals and aroma therapy to help facilitate healing.
  • This will be followed by teaching you how your own particular energy body is functioning and showing you where system blockages have been cleared.                                           
Past Life Clearing
  • It is easy for me, with your permission, to see your past lives. With this information, I can help you to also connect into a past life so you can understand decisions you have made or "strange" feelings you may have had in this lifetime.
  • In a follow-up session, this past life can be examined and blockages released with the use of guided imagery.
Shamanic Healing
  • I am familiar with using the process of the shamanic journey to connect in with my guides to help discover your next best step or to begin the healing process.
  • The shamanic journey can also be used to discover your own unique power animal or to process lost aspects of yourself with a soul retrieval.
Tarot Readings
  • I work with the archetypal symbols of the tarot cards to help focus on a particular issue, problem or question about the current direction in your life.
  • We can also combine energy work with a tarot reading for optimum benefit.

      About Pam

I have always been interested in consciousness even while I worked as a registered nurse for many years. In the 1980's I discovered energy healing and Medical Anthropology at about the same time. I was thrilled that I could study at a major university about different healing systems, energy and consciousness. I wrote my thesis for my degree in Medical Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania on the energy healing that I was being taught at the Abaton Healing Center in Baltimore Maryland. In my job as a nurse at the Johns Hopkins University I was part of and later headed up the team that mapped out brains for epilepsy surgery. It was wonderful to bring together my traditional and not so traditional training. I have deeply investigated consciousness and learned how at the center of everything, it is possible to heal oneself. It is my hope that we can, together, bring more balance, joy and harmony into your life.



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